What is pitch the pros 2016?

Besides the best television show contest of the year?

D o You Have An Idea For The Next Hit Television Show? The Executive Producers At TEN10 Television Want To Hear From You! There has never been a moment in time when television content has been more valuable.

As global markets explode and new distribution outlets open almost weekly, the demand for high-end television content has become the foundation of a television revolution. We are currently seeking new and exciting content that displays originality, vision and exceptional potential - to consider for funding to add to our slate of television show properties.

Our Executive Producer team will pick a winning television show concept/property for each of these 5 categories: Reality TV - Game Show - Scripted Comedy - Scripted Drama - Children¹s Show. The Winner in each category will receive an award of $2,500 upfront, and a chance to have their television property funded. TEN10 Television will commit up to $25,000 to develop and produce a pilot presentation for each winning concept/property, and will in turn pitch this pilot presentation to decision makers at major networks throughout Hollywood.

What Does Pitch the Pros Offer?

5 Judges
5 Categories
5 + Winners

With an eye for character-driven independent television show properties, TEN10 Television is committed to the creation and distribution of commercially successful television content of the highest quality.

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What Happens when you win

If your project is the best you’ll get all of these, on top of the cash

Development/Production Financing

TEN10 Television will commit up to $25,000 to develop and produce a pilot presentation to pitch the IP to Hollywood.

Long-Term Revenue Share

The creator of each winning television show/concept will share in all Net Revenues, and in the Net Asset Value of the television show property in perpetuity.

Industry Exposure

Contest winners will gain crucial industry connections with Hollywood TV producers, Talent, Agencies, Network Decision Makers and more.

Industry Executive Consultation

Have another project you want to discuss? You¹ll have direct access to our Executive Producers, the Directors, and our Production Team.

Instant "EP Choice Award"

A chance to get your project funded immediately

The TEN10 Television Executive Producer Team will review all contest submissions immediately when entered. Concepts or Television Show Properties that we find to have exceptional potential will be selected as Instant Winners.

TEN10 Television has cultivated relationships throughout Hollywood to partner with to develop and package our slate of ¹television properties with recognizable talent. Collectively, our television partners have recently used their models to place shows at networks such as: HBO, ABC, ABC Family, NBC, TNT, E!, Hallmark, Lifetime Movie Network, HLN, OWN and the Travel Channel.

In this 1st phase, TEN10 Television will provide the financing to develop and produce ³Before I Forget² a WWII (3-Part) Documentary Series, and will also finance the development and production of (4) unscripted game show properties, (5) unscripted reality show properties (5) scripted drama/sitcom pilots, and at least (1) children¹s show.

Once TEN10 TV has packaged, developed and/or produced each property, we (and our partners in Hollywood) will then pitch these projects to the decision makers at both primary and secondary networks. The 1st year portfolio will be developed for broadcast or cable network television for the 2016/2017 schedule. Properties developed and packaged in the 2nd year will be prepared for 2017/2018 network television.

How much is it?

When it comes down to it that's the important question


Submit your IP in your category for a chance to win or be our Instant EP



Our creative/development/production team will provide you with feedback.



Previous two, and you will get a 30 min 1 on 1 with EP Steven Camp

What They Say About TEN10

Ten10 Television is where Hollywood Meets Wall Street, and here’s why


Here are a few questions you may have
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What Plan Is Right For Me?

This is a question that you’ll have to answer yourself. If you’re looking to just enter the contest to see if you television show idea will be chosen as a winner, then the BASIC PLAN would be best for you. If you’d like feedback from our development and production team and our Chairman Joshua Mills (formerly of Warner Bros. Television), then the BASIC + REVIEW PLAN could be your best choice. Take that one step further, and if you’re interested in finding out more about how to get your project(s) financed, the PRO PLAN could be your best bet. You’d get a 30 minute 1 on 1 consultation with Executive Producer Steven Camp who will discuss various financial options you may want to consider for your ‘intellectual property’.

Do I Have To Use a Credit Card?

No. You can write a check made payable to “TEN10 Television Fund (1) LLC, and mail to TEN10 Television, 2405 Forest Park Blvd., Ft. Worth, TX, 76110.

When Will I Know If I Won?

Your television show idea could be chosen for the Instant EP Choice Award. If this happens you will be notified immediately, and will be contacted by Steven Camp - TEN10 Founder and Executive Producer. If your television idea isn’t selected as instant winner, you could still be a winner. Our (5) Judges will pick a winner in each category: Reality TV - Game Show - Scripted Comedy - Scripted Drama and Children’s Show. The contest will accept submissions through midnight on May 31st, and all winners will be announced by June 10th, 2016.